LAND Based Solutions

We offer VSAT technology based solutions as ultimate last mile to provided internet, IP-VPN on MPLS Cloud, MW-VSAT Integration and Internet Based VAS and to connect remote sites of customers to central site through IP-VPN Data Link over satellite links through different topologies (Star/Mesh/Hybrid) to various industries

We offer different type of VSAT Solutions like Pure TDMA, P2M-TDM/MF-TDMA, TDM/MF-SCPC, SCPC- CnC/P2P, while serving varieties of end user interfaces/protocols like Ethernet, V.35, RS422, G.703 (E1), A.bis etc., mostly for Fixed antenna sites and also for CoTM kind of needs for Vehicles mounted Systems, Fly-away antenna system, Satellite Earth Stations, Military Uses, e-Education, Tele- Medicine, AME and SCADA system for Telcos, Oil& Gas Industry, Private VSAT Network for big Enterprises and SMEs