Radiance Communications is very diverse and multidisciplinary firm, which supports various core and value-added services in the fields of satellite consultancy activities and other telecom areas.

Our services start from the inception and to completion of a complex and demanding marine, land based business with integrity and overall management. We partner with many external bodies to offer responsive and professional solutions to clients. Our deep industry knowledge, IT strategies, analysis of the impact of technology and business process initiatives operates on the upstream and downstream of the various business sectors. 

Teleport Services
Business Partner Network Operating Center -

  • Jacksonville, Southbury, Brewster -USA
  • Nittedal-Norway
  • Makarios-Cyprus
  • Perth –Australia
  • Rugby -U.K.
  • Singapore


                                                                                RC & Partner's Global presence

Professional Services

  • Project Life Cycle Management
  • Maintenance& Support Services
  • 24X7 Call Centre Services
  • Skill Resources Supply Services
  • Telecom and IT Security Audit
  • PMP/ITIL Process Adherence Audit
  • Network Security Penetration Audit
  • RF Segment Audit
  • Training (IT and Telecom)
  • Technology Risk& Security
  • Core Telecom Network- MNO/MVNO
  • Consulting for Digital & Cloud Services
  • Representation Service